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The "Story"

You might call us Japanese Curry Enthusiasts

Kumakuma Curry (est. 2020) was, very simply, born out of a longstanding relationship, and craving for, Japanese curry. The goal of the company is to introduce a Japanese curry experience like no other.

Our “story” finds its origins in our chef, Takumi’s, immense, insatiable liking for Japanese curry.

At the core of it, the dish was actually something Takumi grew up eating in his household. Japanese curry was the kind of dish that the whole family would look forward to every Sunday. Takumi’s love for the dish not only led him to try different variations of Japanese curry inside and outside of the country, but likewise drove him to learn more about the process of creating it and the rich history behind it. Given this and Takumi’s culinary background, working as the sous-chef in a critically acclaimed restaurant, he was compelled to create his own blend of Japanese curry that he felt would do the dish justice.

The Name

The aroma and sweetness that Japanese curry is known for actually comes from one root vegetable - the onion. In Japan, curry researchers define curries depending on how it's onions are cooked and, in our case, it results in a rich deep color like that of a bear or くま kuma in Japanese hence kumakuma curry.

The Promise

Dedication to quality, attention to detail.

Through the sourcing of ingredients, complex cooking methods, modern aesthetic, and sustainable practices, we hope to deliver the best possible takeout-and-delivery experience for our customers––from the instant our Furoshiki-wrapped package is received to the moment when the bento is wiped clean of the curry sauce. However cliche it might sound, we want our customers to have a taste and feel of Japan.

The Advocacy

At kumakuma, we strive to be as sustainable as possible in our materials and processes. The conscious decision to omit plastic where possible gave rise to the idea of adopting two Japanese customs - the Bento and Furoshiki wrapping. The Furoshiki is a multi-purpose traditional Japanese cloth typically used for wrapping everyday goods, including bento boxes. The best part about the Furoshiki is that you can reuse it for a variety of purposes––a table napkin, a dining mat, or even as a gift wrapper. The Bento, on the other hand, is a traditional Japanese container usually used for packed lunches and picnics in Japan. Our bento boxes are eco-friendly and produced sustainably with the use of bamboo fibers, starch, and water.